Dominik Byrne

Dominik Byrne is a fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. Since graduating from the University of Birmingham in International Development and African Studies he has worked in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Ghana working on projects with both international, national and local grass roots organisation. While in South Africa he worked with Fetola and the South African Government to design and launch South Africa’s first national Internship Programme GAP. For the past five years he has been working with technology companies to increase the efficiency of International Development data and funding working with companies such Common Thread and Fundsurfer’s Trillion Fund. He has recently joined Bristol Link with Beira as project director, aiming to help sustainably grow the organisation in both Bristol and in Beira.

Bristol Link with Beira has been active in Beira for 30 years and has been facilitating the special twinning relationship between Bristol and Beira.  The organization exists to facilitate meaningful engagement between the peoples of Beira and Bristol, to identify links between ideas and opportunities to bring about sustainable change. It uses the power of partnership and collaboration between the two cities to increase the sustainable impact. It works with local organisations, Schools and local government to help create a more sustainable future for Beira. BLB are now trying to consolidate an active formal network for sustainable development between the two cities.

Events featuring this speaker

Social Innovation in the Future City

Dominik Byrne, Edson Burton, Mena Fombo, Jenny Foster, Becca Rose Glowacki, Euella Jackson, Sado Jirde, Janine Marriott, Annie Menter, Rissa Mohabir, Georgina Perry, Terri Rotchell, Dave Taylor-Matthews, Simon Tepper

The grant holders from the social innovation grant scheme talk about their experiences and what they have planned.

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18 October 2019 1:15pm - 4:00pm Watershed