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Charlene Rohr

Charlene Rohr is a senior research leader at RAND Europe. Her research interest is in understanding factors that influence mobility and travel choices, using choice modelling and qualitative methods. She has been involved in developing travel demand forecasting models in the UK, Scandinavia and Australia. She has also contributed to the design and analysis of stated preference surveys to explore consumer behaviour more broadly in the transport, health and communication sectors. She has led a number of rapid evidence reviews, including one for the UK Department for Transport to identify factors influencing the levelling off of car travel in Britain. Her work also explores the influence of technology on travel demand. In 2015-16 she led a study for Innovate UK to develop future scenarios for Britain for 2035 exploring the impact of emerging technologies, including autonomous vehicles, on travel. Currently she is leading a study for the European Parliament to quantify the social and economic impacts of changes to the Product Liability Directive on roll out of fully autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles, which includes undertaking interviews with key stakeholders (automobile manufacturers, insurers, policy-makers) and quantifying societal costs and benefits of different legislative scenarios. She has undertaken policy studies to examine travel behaviour of concessionary pass holders and to quantify costs and benefits of concessionary schemes and to quantify the impact of migration on transport infrastructure.

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18 October 2017 3:30pm - 5:00pm Watershed