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Councillor Carla Denyer was elected to Bristol City Council in 2015 and represents Clifton Down ward (previously known as Clifton East). She has been named politician of the year by The Big Green Politics Podcast for her work on the Climate Emergency. The award comes after she wrote and proposed a motion to Bristol City Council in November 2018 calling on the Mayor to declare a climate emergency and bring Bristol’s CO2 emissions target forwards 20 years to 2030. Councillors from all parties unanimously backed the motion, meaning that Bristol now has ambitious emissions targets with radical policy implications. Since then, over 70 other UK local authorities have followed suit by passing similar motions, including the London Assembly.

In Clifton Down ward, her priorities include integrated and reliable transport options for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport alike, as well as campaigning for affordable and decent housing for everyone through measures such as landlord licensing and rent controls. In 2016 she called on the Mayor and Cabinet to look at extending the city’s existing landlord licensing scheme to other areas of the city and in 2019 the Cabinet did just that. She also hopes to increase council service responsiveness and safeguard and develop community facilities including Redland Library. And she recently teamed up with University of Bristol student ambassadors and a local community association to improve street lighting in unsafe dark spots.

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