Alexandra Hiniker

Alexandra Hiniker is Strategic Relationships Manager for the Mayor’s Office for International Affairs, and Program Director for Global Vision | Urban Action. In this capacity, she is responsible for highlighting the connections between local and global sustainability using the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. She has more than a decade of international development, policy, and advocacy experience working in 18 countries around the world. Before joining the Mayor’s Office, she was the PAX Representative to the United Nations, focusing on the protection of civilians in Syria, Iraq, and South Sudan. Previously, she worked on humanitarian disarmament in some of the world’s most bombed and mined countries, first with the United Nations in Cambodia, and then with the Cluster Munition Coalition in Laos, followed by Lebanon. She began her international development career implementing pandemic preparedness projects in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Prior to that, she served as a Princeton Project 55 Fellow with the Center for Neighborhood Technology in Chicago.