Will Driverless Cars Liberate Cities?

Peter Allchorne, Richard Blyth, Simon Cooper, Charlene Rohr and Jack Stilgoe

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It is said that 40 years from now our cities will look very different to how they look today thanks to driverless cars. Driverless cars could revolutionise and humanise our streets. They offer plenty of opportunities for an improved environment: fewer cars, more efficient vehicles and journeys, cleaner air. But there are many potential problems too. Will the number of vehicles on the road actually reduce or will everyone who has a car now want a driverless car in the future? Will suburbs/ out-of-town areas become vast storage places for vehicles?  Around one million people are estimated to depend on driving passengers or goods around in the UK: what impact will driverless cars have on their employment? Can we trust driverless cars to be safer? Will they offer more security for women travelling alone, for example? Is our insurance and legislation fit for purpose?  What new laws might be needed? Will this be a further example of the divide in society with only the wealthy gaining access to driverless technology? Is there a need for public debate? What are the risks we need to think about?

Peter Allchorne (partner at DAC Beachcroft and legal specialist on driverless cars) joins Richard Blyth (Head of Strategy, Royal Town Planning Institute), Charlene Rohr (senior research leader at RAND Europe on factors that influence mobility and travel choices) and science and technology journalist and academic Jack Stilgoe (University College London) to discuss the issues. The event will be chaired by Simon Cooper.

Thanks to support from DAC Beachcroft this session is free to attend.

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