Futur Ville

Gavin Bridge, Edson Burton, Lhosa Daly, Kara de Los Reyes, Doug Francisco, Paul Hassan, Adibah Iqbal, Katie McClymont, Paula Orell, Henry Palmer, Wim Penhaul, Stephen Pritchard, Shankari Raj, Martin Schwegmann, Gill Simmons and Oliver Sutherland

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The arts contribute more to the UK economy than agriculture, yet creative spaces, studios and communities are being dispersed, displaced and dissolved. Bristol is changing. Sometimes this is good and essential; at other times it can create concern, confusion and opposition as existing communities are priced out; much-loved cultural facilities are lost; and the city – as cities are becoming elsewhere – turns into a place where only the wealthiest people can live.

Futur Ville is a series of events inspired by the complex relationship between artists, creative communities, urban regeneration and cultural policy. Futur Ville aims to instigate a wider discussion about the future of our cities’ art spaces and look at how we can make our cities better places to live without having a negative impact.

Taking place over two days (Fri 18 and Sat 19 October 2019), Futur Ville looks at planning creative cities; regeneration without displacement; embedding art in communities; who leads gentrification; and how to build creative spaces around and with existing communities.

Visit www.artspacelifespace.com/futur-ville for further details about the programme of events.

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Please note: Futur Ville takes place Fri 18 and Sat 19 October 2019. Day tickets are from £20 and weekend tickets from £35. Visit www.artspacelifespace.com/futur-ville for further information and booking links.

The Arts Mansion entrance is via the Great Hall Gallery which faces onto the West Lawn. Go around the North Side of the Building (wheelchair accessible) or along the South Lawn (steps either side) to reach the Arts Mansion entrance. Please contact Artspace Lifespace if you have any access requirements or if you require a BSL interpreter.

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