Bristol-Hannover-Bordeaux Three Cities Summit: Achieving Inclusive Growth

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In the 70th year of the twinning links between Bristol and Hannover and Bristol and Bordeaux there is much to celebrate and much to look forward to.

The Three Cities Summit is a conference and workshop about that future. It brings together these similar-sized cities, with complementary business, technology and cultural interests. The programme will include keynote presentations, break-out sessions and panel discussions on the following topics:

  • Developing cities for prosperity, inclusivity and quality of life.
  • How to ensure inclusivity and diversity in the growth agenda.
  • Why technology and digital creative industries are crucial to economic growth.
  • The skills agenda – providing a high-quality workforce.
  • The role of city governance in inclusive, economic growth.

The summit will also include visits to businesses, organisations and incubators in the Bristol area.

Among those invited will be: senior elected politicians and city officials with responsibility for economic development; senior business people who are involved in economic growth, jobs or skills; CEO-level business people who care about the future of their city; academics who have an interest in city development; and leaders in third-sector organisations, workers representatives and charities who are interested in ensuring communities do not get left behind.

This is the first joint summit for these three great cities. Its aim is to:

  • Provide a platform for sharing good/best practice.
  • Identify areas for collaboration for mutual benefit.
  • Forge links, and develop relationships in business, city development and the inclusivity agenda.

A measure of success will be the number of practical projects and programmes that are initiated as a result of the summit.

This conference is being organised in partnership with the Bristol Junior Chamber of Commerce, Gregg Latchams Solicitors and Bristol City Council. It is supported by the Bristol International Twinning Association, EU ‘Europe for Citizens Programme’ and the West of England Combined Authority, and is linked to the Festival of the Future City.

Sponsors include Airbus, Deutsche Messe, International House Bristol, Moon Consulting, University of the West of England.

By invitation only.

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