Festival of the Future City/

Making big plans for cities for all.

The Festival of the Future City will return October 2020. Set over three days, the festival aims to be the largest public debate about the future of cities. Join us to explore the key issues and solutions for our cities, including: big city thinking; the fourth industrial revolution; populism and dealing with the results of populism; Brexit; radical cities (including a look at the 100th anniversaries of Red Vienna, Weimar and the Bauhaus); German cities 30 years since the wall came down; creating nature-rich cities; economics and productivity; how cities are dealing with legacies of slavery, civil war and the Holocaust; and faith organisations and city futures.

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Details of the second festival are here. A book providing background to the festival themes was distributed free to audience members and can be downloaded here. A book covering themes from the first festival in 2015 can be downloaded here.

‘Festival of the Future City is an initiative of Bristol Cultural Development Partnership and Bristol Festival of Ideas.’

  • Alaina Harkness at Festival of the Future City 2017
  • Artist Jasmine Thompson illustrates an event at Festival of the Future City 2017
  • Farah Elahi and Ellie Cosgrave at Festival of the Future City 2017
  • George Monbiot at Festival of the Future City 2017
  • Tom Dyckhoff at Festival of the Future City 2017