Festival of the Future City/

18-20 October 2017

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Festival of the Future City/

How do we make the cities that we really want to live in? The future of cities is fraught with challenges, but full of possibility.

The Festival of the Future City will return in October 2019. Set over three days the festival – which aims to be the largest public debate about the future of cities – brings together politicians, writers, artists, scientists, change-makers, academics, journalists, students, the public, economists, futurists, policy makers, roboticists, philosophers, filmmakers, think tanks, charities, social enterprises, city-builders and more. Join us to explore the key issues for the future of our cities: how we can solve growing inequality and segregation; build healthy cities and places; foster sustainable cities; and explore a future of devolved powers.

Details of the second festival are here. A book providing background to the festival themes was distributed free to audience members and can be downloaded here.

  • Alaina Harkness at Festival of the Future City 2017
  • Artist Jasmine Thompson illustrates an event at Festival of the Future City 2017
  • Farah Elahi and Ellie Cosgrave at Festival of the Future City 2017
  • George Monbiot at Festival of the Future City 2017
  • Tom Dyckhoff at Festival of the Future City 2017